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What is Cellulite?

In the medical field, Cellulite is referred to as “Adiposis edematosa”, “Dermopanniculosis deformans”, “Status protrusus cutis”, and “Gynoid lipodystrophy”, while colloquially it is known as “hail damage”, “cottage cheese skin” and “orange peel syndrome”. This skin condition appears dimpled due to herniated fat located beneath the skin within our connective tissue.


Not Just for Women

While cellulite mainly manifests itself in adult females—with more than 80% of women suffering— it is not unheard of for men to suffer from the condition. Cellulite is generally found on the pelvic region, abdomen, buttocks and legs—commonly the thighs.




Dimpled, Bumpy,
Orange Peel Like,
Cottage Cheese Skin

Generally, Cellulite can be categorized into three different grades:

Grade 1

Cellulite shows little to no visible appearance as dimpled skin, but a close look under the microscope at the cells show some degree of change at an anatomical level;

Grade 2

Cellulite begins showing some visible telltale signs, has a lower temperature, is less elastic, and also shows some more dramatic changes anatomically speaking;

Grade 3

Visible cellulite becomes clearly present. Skin that appears rougher, i.e. dimpled, and also features all of the other symptoms of grade 2 Cellulite, including decreased elasticity, increased roughness and thickness of skin.


So, what are you going to do about Cellulite?

Even with a clean, healthy diet and regular exercise you may be experiencing difficulty with cellulite. So, how exactly are you going to address it? First, let’s look at how you likely ended up with that dimpled, cottage cheese look in the first place.


Once you have cellulite, your best recourse is to make a change – the right treatment can make all the difference.

It is difficult for people to spot the early signs of Cellulite since the condition may vary visually from case-to-case and based on it’s cause.

As the symptoms become more visible, you will notice the dimpled raised appearance on the surface of the skin; however, Cellulite may appear slightly different on some people depending on it’s cause and stage. With time, the condition may grow worse without taking any action.


Celluprov® helps condition skin more easily than other options, using a powerful blend of ingredients and a delivery system that helps battle the signs of Cellulite.


Cellulite: Causes and Treatments

There are no clear causes of Cellulite and very little clinical evidence to support one theory over another in relation to the root causes of its development. However, there are many commonly cited explanations:

  • Hormones are thought to play a role in the development of Cellulite. It is believed that estrogen, prolactin, noradrenaline, insulin and thyroid hormones are somehow involved in producing Cellulite. 
  • Genetic inheritance can play a role as you might be more predisposed to developing Cellulite. The way in which the fat is distributed under your skin, circulatory problems, slow metabolism, gender and even your race could impact your susceptibility to Cellulite. 
  • Diet and lifestyle have also been cited as factors in Cellulite development. For example, it is believed that people who have an inadequate caloric balance will generally present more severe cases of Cellulite. Furthermore, if you lack regular exercise, or you remain sedentary for too long—like office workers —and smoke, you may be at a greater risk of developing grade 3 Cellulite.
  • Some evidence suggests clothing also contributes to the formation of Cellulite. For example, under garments that have tight elastic around the buttocks could limit the flow of blood circulation and contribute to cellulite formation.


Designed to destroy cellulite

Certain ingredients have shown to be effective at firming the skin and helping diminish the dimpled look by coordinately acting against local fat deposits. These ingredients are combined and applied topically to the target areas.

Celluprov® is an advanced topical treatment formulated in accordance to GMP standards and includes several ingredients that work together against the orange peel like appearance associated with Cellulite and to improve the smooth, firm texture of your skin.

When we designed Celluprov we knew exactly what women need and want. High-quality ingredients along with a specialized delivery system make Celluprov among the
most effective products on the market.

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